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Rock -A- Bye

The Cloud Walls is the new formation of a band formerly known as Marvin and The Cloud Wall. Based out of Tucson, AZ, The Cloud Walls play a genre-dancing hybrid of fuzzed out old-school soul, indie rock, garage, stomp, and punk blues all tinged with a cinematic flare and the occasional old-fashioned country song. Loud, soft, dirty, pretty, everywhere in between.

Nowadays, in full, The Cloud Walls consist of Joe Novelli (of Nive and the Deer Children, Orkesta Mendoza, etc), Gabriel Sullivan (of Howe Gelb and Giant Giant Sand, XIXA, Etc.), Geoffrey Hidalgo (of XIXA, Texas Justice, Etc.), and, when lucky enough to have him in the country, Andrew Collberg (of Nive and the Deer Chldren, Howe Gelb, etc.). Yet, of course, as with all rambling folks, The Cloud Walls' cast revolves somewhat, due to whim, whimsy, and (most often) logistical matters.

The first full length record of The Cloud Walls is still in the works. As a preview, below is a live video of the song "Magdalene." It was recorded for T-Town Sessions in collaboration with Cloud Microphones at Saint Cecilia Studios in downtown Tucson.

Please feel free to contact The Cloud Walls via this here form: